Continuing to Grow in Faith

Where each young person is called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and is helped to grow in a dynamic, genuine and meaningful faith;

 Where young people are involved throughout the church's life and are able to take risks in a supportive community without fear of rejection;

 Where youth and adults together as partners create a community which celebrates diversity and cherishes each other's gifts;

 Where youth are challenged and enabled to respond to God's call to wholeness in their lives and in the world;

 Where young people discover and claim over and over again the Good News of God's redeeming and sustaining love.


Who We Are

We are part of the Reformed family of faith.  We experience God's love and grace through prayer, worship services, study of the scripture and history, our participation in the church as the body of Christ, our partnership with people of other faiths, and our ministry of seeking justice for all people.  We are a vital part of the church and its mission.  Through youth ministry, we are nurtured as the church responds to our needs and interests, and as we give and share ourselves in the church's mission and ministry.

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