Image: Keith Howell


The Georgetown Ecumenical Wholeness Service continues in-person services in 2022-2023. This year, we celebrate a season of Beatitudes with monthly speakers from the pastoral community of our Williamson County partner churches. We meet at San Gabriel Presbyterian Church, 5400 Williams Drive, Georgetown Texas. All services are open to the public.

We will pray together by combining two very special types of worship services: the Service of Healing and Wholeness and Taizé Common Prayers. We are a diverse community of area Christians, and these services are open to all who would come. Songs are sung from the Community of Taizé. Opportunities are given for intercessory prayer and the lighting of candles. A time is set aside for anointing by ministers. Communion is offered to all in attendance, with pre-packaged and gluten-free elements available.

About the meditations: Our subject for the coming season is, “The Beatitudes.” Brief homilies will be prepared by area ministers, and guided by a senior pastor. Scripture will be selected for meditation based on each topic. 2022-2023 topics are:

September 25 – Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
October 23 – Blessed are those Who Mourn
November 20 – Blessed are the Gentle
December 11 – Blessed are those who Seek Virtue
January 22 – Blessed are those who Show Mercy
February 26 – Blessed are the Pure of Heart
March 26 – Blessed are those who Seek Peace
April 23 – Blessed are those who Are Persecuted
May 28 – Blessed are those who Are Scorned

About the songs: Taizé Prayer chants are congregational, made of short phrases that are repeated for ease of participation. In our services, we always sing in English.