Years ago, the SGPC Library began with a donation of books from First Presbyterian Church Georgetown’s Library. Over the years Library Committee members who are retired librarians and other book lovers have selected (with approval from the Pastor and Session) from donated books those that “support and enhance the mission and activities of the church, and that guide the personal spiritual growth of our members.” (SGPC Library Guidelines, 2019). As a result, our library now has over 600 well-chosen books!

The donation of a computer in 2019 gave us the ability to build an online catalog of all our holdings – books, audio & video materials. Library Committee members set up the computer, chose the TinyCat inventory software designed for smaller libraries, inventoried all the Library’s materials, and input the “holdings” into the online catalog. We are now able to keep a current record of what is in the Library, evaluate the types of books we have, and identify areas that we want to develop.

SGPC members may use the computer in the Library to search online for items of interest, either by title, author or keyword. The guidelines for using the computer are posted nearby, but you may also use any web-accessing device, computer or cell phone to link to TinyCat at

Interested in holiday books or prayers? A child’s Bible story? A particular version of the Bible? Information on a historical figure or explanation of Bible verses? The writings of Calvin? Books written by our members? The Library may have just what you are looking for!

Of course, feel free to look around the Library for items that catch your attention. For your convenience, printed lists of all our books are located in the white binder on the counter. Children’s books may be found both in the Library and in Room 3.

To check books out, remove and sign the card inside the front cover of the item and drop it in the front of the box on the counter. There is no limit on the number of books you may check out or the length of time to keep them; we just encourage you to be thoughtful of others. Then place returned materials on the top shelf of the red book cart; a Library monitor will check them back in and return them to their place on the shelves.

While the Library is mostly supported by donations of books and other educational materials, monetary gifts are welcomed; these will be used for needed titles or materials. Donated materials may be placed on the bottom shelves of the red book cart, with a note of the donor’s name. Items that are not added to the collection may be returned to the donor if they prefer, offered to members of the congregation, or donated to other organizations. The Library monitor and/or Christian Education elder will work with a monetary donor to determine how the donation will be used.

Like most libraries, this is a pleasant room that is also used for other functions, such as classes and meetings. You may check the calendar or call the office to see when it is in use; however, the room is available most of the time throughout the week for browsing, studying, meditation and personal use.

Contributed by Karen Wayland and Joanna Fountain