Growing in Faith

Where each child is called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and is helped to grow in a meaningful faith;

Where children are involved throughout the church's life and are able to be a part of a spirited intergenerational community;

Where children and adults together as partners create a community which celebrates diversity and cherishes each other's gifts;

Where children are challenged and encouraged to respond to God's love by giving of their gifts in worship and mission projects;

Where children discover and claim over and over again the Good News of God's redeeming and sustaining love.


Who We Are

We are part of the Reformed family of faith  We experience God's love and grace and endeavor to share God's love with the children.  We do this by sharing the Good News of the Gospel, welcoming all children who come through our doors, include them in all age appropriate activities, and support them in all they do inside and outside the church.  We tell them that they are an important part of the body of Christ.  Through Children's Ministry, we hope to carry out the congregation's promise to nurture the children in the faith at the time of their baptism.

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