What To Expect



We Look Forward To Meeting You!


At San Gabriel Presbyterian Church (SGPC), we are a community of people united by our faith in God.
we serve Christ by our fellowship together and the actions we take to better our community and the world.
We are friendly, Affirming, helpful and excited to share our worship and learning experiences with you.

As we move forward cautiously with COVID-19 restrictions in place for limited in-person worship in the church building, our normal expectations are revised for the duration of the pandemic.  Please refer to the COVID-19 page for information on reserving seats for Sunday morning worship and the masking, sanitizing, and social distancing expectations.  We pray and hope to return to our normal procedures and expectations as soon as it is safe to do so.

As you arrive:

You’ll be greeted at the door.
Arrive between 10:00 and 10:30 AM to meet and greet before the worship service begins.
If you Are interested in Exploring Sunday School for Adults or Children Arrive at 9:00 AM.


Share coffee and conversation with members and friends.
the worship service is child-friendly and includes a special children's sermon
for those who desire it, care for infants and children is provided During the Worship Service.

during the Worship Service:

This building is equipped with a telecoil for The Hearing Impaired.
You will receive a bulletin with a clear order of worship and other SGPC Information.
Neighbors seated next to you are always willing to help if you have questions or expectations are unclear.
You can expect a blend of upbeat music and traditional Contemplative hymns.
The sermon is Based on a bible Text applied in such a way as to be relevant to Current times and needs.
Lifting up and recitation of Prayers for the world, our nation and our people are a key element of our worship experience.
Open Communion is offered on the first Sunday of each month.

Education for adults and children:

We provide a variety of adult, student and child learning opportunities and discussion groups on Sunday and throughout the week

We are friendly, Affirming, helpful and excited to share our worship and learning experiences with you.